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Tourists have travelled further and further over the past couple of decade thanks to the growth of the airline industry and the more affordable cost of flights to more far lung destinations. More and more UK tourists are travelling to the USA for their holidays than ever before and with so much choice in the type of holiday available there it is sure to continue to grow. Whether you want to experience the buzz of the city that never sleeps or to lie on the golden beaches of the west coast, perhaps you want to get caught in the excitement of Vegas or get back to nature in some of the amazing national parks! Whatever you are looking for you can find a perfect solution to your holiday needs in the USA.

Driving a car in the US is practically an American institution. There are public transport services of course all around the USA but it will make your trip much more flexible in your activities by hiring a car to get around in. Most people do not like to leave their car hire till they arrive, instead most prefer to book ahead of their trip. Online advance booking of your car hire ensures that you can find the perfect car and appropriate budget for you stay, you can also find surprising bonuses such as online discounts not available elsewhere. The Internet is now full of car hire comparison sites and it is a quick and easy process to secure your booking by paying online with a credit card. Once your car hire is booked then you need not worry about locating a car on arrival.